Saturday, 6 February 2010

Brainy Cook?

So, having customised this blog to my liking over a week ago; today I thought it was time to populate it with verbage and the odd pic to illustrate my blog life!

Muse is a good and thoughtful boyfriend, he remembers my wants and indulges me with treats, this weekend I have been spoilt. Yesterday he gave me a DS lite with game (brain training ... urgh, having completed the "what is your brain age" test it turns out it is age 40 which tally's with the rest of my component parts, give or take a few months).

This morning, again courtesy of muse, I got LUNGS (Florence & the Machine) I have been wanting this CD for ages; moreso since seeing her perform on Jules Holland on New Year's Eve, albeit through a cosmopolitan and champagne haze! I am not disappointed at all with the selection of tracks- instant admiration.

Want to know what muse and I are snacking on today? Well here, see for yourself! First up - Quiche, I used a combination of recipes from James Martin and the Hairy Bikers. I encountered the tiniest of disaster my pastry case sprung a leak, fortunately only a small amount of the egg mixture escaped the casing. Not a culinary triumph technically speaking, but hopefully it will pass the taste test.

To follow a Banana loaf cake, with a smattering of dark chocolate chips, this smells amazing! Just waiting for museman to return home from Sainsbury's to try some with a cup of coffee.

In closing, Cymru am Byth! Wales play England today at 5pm. It's the first day of the Six Nations tournament - come on Wales!

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muse Kidd said...

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I am the fat muse. Me belly is swollen and now the young lass wants to plays games with her little gadgets... hoping to distract me mind with her beguiling quiche?! "MJCee and her Tempting Loaf" plays eleven in her oven.