Monday, 20 February 2012

Adventures With The Dude

Who is the 'Dude'? You ask.  I shall tell, the Dude is my Kitchen Aid.  He was a much wanted addition to my kitchen gadgetry; I had coveted one for a long, long time and what should Father Christmas deliver me this year .... you guessed I am sure!  The Dude, let me introduce him in all his boysenberry goodness.

Why call him the 'Dude'?  Because quite simply he ties the room together, I am sure the film reference need not be explained, or does it?

We have shared many exploits thus far, the Dude and I.  Had I been a good and consistent blogger I might have posted each culinary exploit just after the event but I am not, ergo I give you a montage of the best bits.

The Best Bits

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