Saturday, 5 May 2012

Self Sufficiency

The title of this post sounds ambitious, although I am not taking on the ethos in its entirety, I am planning to grow some of my own vegetables.  I have, for quite awhile grown, herbs, salad leaves and tomatoes, and a year or so ago, grew some peas; which did fantastically well.  The weather has not been favourable, but on the fine days (which have been few) muse has dug for me, a small patch of ground ... here it is complete with puddles of rain.

I have been growing peas and beans in pots indoors in our 'back kitchen' and they are ready to go into the ground - just waiting for a fine day!


1 comment:

muse kidd said...

can't wait to see 'em go in the ground! keep us posted babes...