Sunday, 3 June 2012

Strawberry Saturday

I bought some sweet little tart tins I found when rummaging amongst the nick nacks in a Charity shop at St Ives, in February; with the intention to make something you might see at a French pâtisserie.  Now, please hold the 'something like' part of that sentence.   

I have never made sweet pastry before, nor crème patissière.  I am pretty happy with the results, what they lack in finesse, they made up for in taste at least, that is what my panel of experts tell me (muse and Mrs C).  

I found the pastry quite tricky to work with, even though I rolled it between 2 sheets of baking paper it still had the tendency to stick if it was rolled too thin.  However It was quite humid yesterday, probably not the best conditions for pastry, I could have left the pastry to rest in the fridge for a little longer. 



muse kidd said...

fabulous, incredible, wonderful... and SUPER TASTILICIOUS!

Mrs. Dad said...

I guess they won't travel well to the US?