Friday, 13 July 2012

Camping Trip to Three Cliffs

We've talked about going on a camping trip alot, muse and I.   We've each been dozens of times individually but never together, so we bought a tent and picked a campsite, packed up our gear and Holly and went, here are a few photos of our trip.

This is the view that greeted us as we were shown our pitch, probably the best view from a tent I have had!

View of the campsite itself.

Time to set up.

Holly stood guard (although, how much defence she would put up, if someone took a fancy to any of our gear is debatable).

Once set up and and all our gear installed inside the tent, time to make a cuppa.

And have a Welshcake or three, these  fuelled our camping trip, good job I made plenty because they are moorish.

Here's one of Holly, just because she looks cute.  It was her first time camping she was brilliant!

We had an unexpected visitor, he also turned up early in the morning - very noisy too! 

Lots of flora and fauna too.

And something I have never seen before, cows on the beach!  They were quite a distance from where I stood to take this picture, but they really are cows - grazing.

Evening fell.

The trip to Rhosilli started off quite grey and damp. 

We didn't walk all the way out to the worm's head as the wind was blowing and it really was quite cold.  

As we walked back into the village, the weather brightened up and the sun came out. Either way the weather would not have stopped us from having a Joe's ice cream. (Too busy eating ice cream to take pictures.)

Sidebar: Here is the link to the site we stayed at Three Cliffs Bay Holiday Park.


muse kidd said...

What a fabulous time we had too!... beautiful camping with my two favorite and beautiful girls.

muse kidd said...

please post something new!