Monday, 15 April 2013

Misadventures in Sourdough!

It's taken me awhile (well, a day or two) to come to terms with my first (note, I said first, I mean to succeed!) failure at making a sourdough starter.

What went wrong?  Hmm, don't know!  Could have been too warm, shouldn't have used yoghurt, the moon was in the constellation of pisces...who knows!  At day 2 all looked promising but the desired bubbles did not appear, I left it another day, still no bubbles and the smell was far from pleasant.  Bin!

Anyways I have done me some more reading about the dark art of sourdough; and I am going to try a starter from just flour and water (although there is some debate on whether the water should be filtered!?).    I will report back.


Mrs. Dad said...

Did your husband mess with it or eat it?

MJcee said...

Neither ....either way he was pretty unimpressed! :D

Anonymous said...

You're not giving it enough time... after 3 days, it's quite likely nothing much will seem to be happening. Buy a good book by an expert and follow their advice, but stick with it. It takes more time that you gave it.